Bridge Update 6/1/2021

New texts: Apollonius, King of Tyre; Eutropius Book 6 Data improvements: Updated definitions: candeo, callis, naris, aliger, civitas Site Updates: corrected bug in filters; enabled temporary solution to allow downloading of entire list (instead of first 200 words) Coming Attractions: […]

Bridge Update 2/2021

New texts: Textbooks: Suburani,  “Continuing Classical Latin (Linney)” Add “Getting Started with Classical Latin (Linney)” Texts: Epictetus, Enchiridon (Heyne translation) Data improvements: Updated definitions: servus, ancilla, turba, conficio, thermopolium, pieris, torreo, mustum, Parca, lego, tectum, advesperascit, antepono, conspiratio, oppeto, Tullus, […]