Hannibal Denounces his Personal Enemies in Carthage After He is Recalled to Africa in 203 BC

Gnashing his teeth and groaning—so they say—and scarcely keeping back the tears he listened to the words of the emissaries. After they had delivered their message he said:

It is no longer obscurely but openly that I am being recalled by men who, in forbidding the sending of reinforcements and money, were long ago trying to drag me back. The conqueror of Hannibal is therefore not the Roman people, so often cut to pieces and put to flight, but the Carthaginian senate by carping and envy. And over this inglorious return of mine it will not be Publius Scipio who wildly exults, so much as Hanno, who, unable to do so by any other means, has ruined our family by the downfall of Carthage.”

— Livy, Ab Urbe Condita 30.20 (translated by F. G. Moore)